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A Quick Buying Guide for a Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are daring and often beautiful style statement. Now a days Freestanding bathtubs are becoming very popular in UK Homes. They bring a feeling of luxury to the home and can serve as a stunning focal point for your bathroom, turning it into a peaceful spa-like sanctuary. Whether your room is contemporary or traditional in style, a freestanding bath adds that extra special touch. If you’re considering a freestanding bath for your new bathroom, but not sure where to start, this buying guide will help you choose the perfect one.

Let’s Know Some Basic Information About Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath stands alone in your bathroom without being attached to a supporting wall structure. They sit directly on the floor or are mounted on feet, making a great centrepiece for any bathroom design. These are self-contained supporting baths that don’t require panels. While they do make a stunning showpiece, you’re left with the freedom to dictate how you want it to impact your bathroom design. A freestanding bath is usually positioned in the middle of the bathroom rather than close to the wall. By fitting your bath in the centre of the room, it will be the first thing that catches your eye when you open the door.

Let’s Discuss Which Bath Style You Should  Choose

It’s important to think about what style of freestanding bath you are looking for.  There are a huge range of freestanding baths to choose from that suit every bathroom style. Models featuring clawed feet will serve as the centrepiece of a traditional bathroom while sleek, minimalist models emit a striking presence in contemporary homes.

Popular Brands to choose a Freestanding bath from

There are many popular bathroom brands which sell a good freestanding bath in UK. They are luxurious and affordable sometimes. Buy Our views we consider Waters freestanding bathtubs, Burlington freestanding bathtubs, and many more. They are good at price and durability too.

Which Material You should  Select for a Freestanding Bath

There are many types of materials avaialable in freestanding bath like Cast iron, acrylic, and many more. But acrylic is Lightweight, durable and warm to the touch, and is by far the most popular choice for freestanding baths. The material is used to manufacture both budget models and premium quality designs. An added bonus to using acrylic material is that it’s excellent at absorbing and retaining heat – perfect if you’re someone who likes a lengthy relax in the tub, it will also reduce the energy use of taking a bath. Historically, copper and natural stone were the primary popular materials for freestanding baths, now they’re more prominently used for high-end luxury.

Which Taps You Should Choose For your Freestanding Bath

Once you’ve chosen your freestanding bath, you need to pick a bath mixer that will complement the style you aim for. Unlike conventional styles, many freestanding baths don’t cater for taps which means you may have to choose wall mounted or freestanding floor designs. The taps you choose can have a significant effect on the overall look of your bathroom. You can opt for either floor-mounted bath taps or a wall-mounted tap.

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