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Bathroom Tap Buying Guide

New bathroom taps add stylish and elegent look to your bathroom. While big items are obviously important to overhauling a bathroom, Bathroom taps are also an important thing. Never underestimate them. There is a huge choice of taps on the market, not just from traditional bathroom retailers but also online too.

Choosing the right taps for your bathroom can be difficult because of the options you have. To help make things easy, Bathroom Shop UK has made this buying guide to take you through the types of bathroom taps and what you need to know when choosing.

Types of Bathroom Taps

  • Basin Mixer Taps
  • Bath Filler Taps
  • Bath Shower Mixer Taps
  • Bath Spouts
  • Sensor Taps
  • Basin Taps Pair
  • Bath Taps Pair

So, Let’s Start understanding all of the above types of Bathroom taps now.

Basin Mixer Taps

Basin Mixer Taps combine your hot and cold water feeds to flow out through a single spout, which can be controlled by a lever or twin handles. The basin mixer taps allow you to have one tap hole on your basin creating a modern look. They do the job of two separate bathroom taps effortlessly and look great while doing it. Basin mixer taps offer a choice of suitability for both high & low pressure systems. If you’re looking for simple and minimalistic alternative to basin taps in the bathroom then a Basin Mixer Tap is certainly the way to go.

Bath Filler Taps

A bath filler tap is designed purely to fill your bath with water. The bath filler tap comes as one piece with the chance to fill the bath with both the hot and cold taps leading out of one pipe. A totally unique bath filler solution that steers away from more traditional bath filler solutions is the bath overflow filler. Bath overflow fillers work by having the waste mechanism acting as your bath filler.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

A thermostatic bath shower mixer is typically a bar valve fixing that has both taps and a shower built into it meaning the user can have the best of both worlds, combining the functions of a tap and a shower. Available in a range of designs, bath shower mixer taps are supplied with a shower handset and hose, which allows you to shower in the bath.

Bath Spouts

Bath spouts are bath fillers with the water control valve situated away from the main water spout. Bath spouts that are either wall or deck mounted. These can be use with side bodies, manual valves or thermostatic shower valves with diverters. Whilst choosing your wall spout it is worth considering not only the look of the spout but also the projection of the bath spout.

Sensor Taps

In this current situation the most important and a good choice of bathroom tap is Sensor taps. Sensor taps are also known as Automatic taps, touch free taps, no touch taps, and etc. Sensor taps generally include an aerator in the spout which disperses the water and means that much less is needed for washing than is the case with traditional taps.

Basin Taps Pair

Everyone’s familiar with basin taps of pair, even if you might not have known what they were called. With basin pillar taps, you have two taps – one for hot water and one for cold. It’s the most common taps for homes and its also called traditional-style taps which was being used in older houses.

Bath Taps Pair

Bath Taps of Pair allow you to mix hot and cold water inside the spout itself, and provide you water flow at desired temperature. These are functionally superior to the older variety of taps that featured two spouts. It’s the most common taps for homes and its also called traditional-style taps which was being used in older houses.

So, Above are the explanation of bathroom taps type. Now we will see what you will need to consider befor buying a bathroom tap.


First Decide that what style of bathroom taps do you need? IF you have a complete modern bathroom then you should go with modern bath or basin taps, and if you have a classic traditional bathroom then you should go with traditional style bath or basin taps. A traditional basin may have holes for 2 separate taps, whereas a contemporary style will more likely have a single hole for a mixer tap. There are lots of different websites and glossy magazines which will give you inspiration, and it’s also worth browsing in your local bathroom store and DIY store. Think about the colour and style of your suite, what other colours of metal objects you have in the room, and whether your style is going to date quickly and look old fashioned in a few years.

Water Pressure

You should double check your pressure before you decide on a set of taps as they may not be compatible with your plumbing. Water pressure varies between UK households, and determines the flow of water from the tap. Your local water company may be able to give advice on the pressure of water at your postcode, and if not, your local plumber should be able to measure the pressure.


When selecting your taps, you should consider the type of material they are made from. The majority of taps at UK are made of brass, which allows them to be more durable than any other materials. So You should go with Brass made bathroom taps.

So, These are the things you should consider before buying a Tap for a bath or a basin.  Whether you’re buying for your bathroom, an ensuite, cloakroom or even your kitchen, there’s a wide selection of taps to choose from at Bathroom Shop UK. Contact us for more information.

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