These basins are wall hung, with the pipework and waste concealed behind the wall. Basins with a semi pedestal are designed to create the illusion of space but keep the basin unit looking sleek. Semi Pedestal basins are more contemporary than full pedestal basins. They give you extra space as the pedestal doesn’t extend all the way to the floor. Buy Basin And Semi Pedestal and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Bathroom Shop UK. We also stock a huge range of full pedestal basins from top brands such as Burlington, Duravit, RAK Ceramics, and many more!

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An exclusive range of Semi Pedestal Basins

Unlike the full pedestal basins, Semi Pedestal Basin is half of the full pedestal wall mounted basins that don’t touch the floor and can be fitted at any height that anyone can use easily without any obstruction.

In this basin, the pipework is covered using the vertical pedestal that will hide the construction of the basin and give a neat and clean look to the basin as well as to the bathroom.

Duravit Durastyle Semi pedestal basins have a wide range of pedestal designs along with the Semi Pedestal Floating sinks.

This will leave more space on the floor which can be used to store things. Furthermore, you can transport this basin to another place with ease as it requires the least labor work since it doesn’t touch the floor, cleaning the floor would be easier, leading to a shiner and a clearer floor that will give a more spacious look to the bathroom. RAK Semi Pedestal basins offer the best deals on Semi Pedestal sinks at cheaper rates with different sizes. You can get the best semi pedestal basins sizing from the least to >=500 mm in all colours. You can get more details about Semi pedestal basins on