Whirlpool baths provide a gentle massage to a single part or all parts of a body that are brought into contact with hot water. The Whirlpool bath system creates the massaging effect by recirculating the water using the whirlpool pump.

It is worthy to have whirlpool bathtubs for the one who really wants to feel rejuvenated in order to get mental or physical relaxation. Carron whirlpool bath sells heavier and stronger Carronite whirlpool bath. It has a highly developed and technically enhanced Carron whirlpool bath system.

It allows the blood circulation to be increased. Moreover, you can add this system in a single and/or double-ended bath, which allows one and two people to be relaxed alone and together, respectively. You can also use a bath filler tap in a whirlpool bath that is useful to set the temperature of the water. For more relaxation, you can add a shower as it is used in shower baths. A quality whirlpool bath can allow you to experience the many benefits of hydrotherapy from your own home. e only use the finest quality acrylic shells for our Whirlpool and Jacuzzi Baths from makers such as Carron.

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