Pentangle Shower enclosures feature 3 sides of glass combined with a corner wall to form a 5 sided shower enclosure. Explore a wide range of pentagonal shower enclosures online at the bathroom shop UK! Pentagon Shower Enclosures are designed for that awkward space or when the design needs something with sharper edges. We also stock a full range of quadrant shower enclosures, offset quadrant shower enclosures, slider door enclosures, and more from top brands. Buy Matki Pentagonal Showers online. Best Bathroom deals on the best showering brands across the UK.

Pentagonal Shower Enclosure – Select a Perfect Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Similar to the quadrant shower enclosure, Pentagonal Shower Enclosure is the most suitable for small bathroom space as they offer adequate space for showering and occupy a minimum area in the bathroom. The key benefit of the Pentagon shower enclosure is that they have a flat front. Hence, it allows fitting suitable doors as per your bathroom layout. Thus, instead of selecting sliding doors, you can choose pivot or hinged, or bi-fold doors. Most pentagon shower enclosures are specifically designed to place in the area having sharper edges or awkward space.

Shower enclosure plays an important role in reducing your bathroom maintenance. Selecting an ideal type and size of shower enclosure is very important. Installing a shower enclosure in the existing area will save you valuable money and time required for setting the area and plumbing work. Moreover, it also reduces plumbing work to attach the existing hot and cold piping with the overhead pipes. You can also easily fix a tray of the same size. Also, check the wall and tray of the enclosure are perfect and leakage-free.

You can choose branded showers such as Matki Pentagonal Shower of different sizes including pentagon shower 700mm, pentagonal shower enclosure 1000mm, etc. You can also buyPentagonal Shower enclosure online or to get more details, you can visit any reliable bathroom shop in the UK.

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