Pivot is an original design of shower enclosure and quick and easy to fit into your bathroom. We have a range of styles here at Bathroom Shop UK, for example, the thickness and the overall style such as modern and traditional. If you’re looking for a traditional design then Burlington has a range of pivot shower doors for you to browse however if you’re wanting something modern and trending at the moment the Matki and Kudos have a vast array of pivot doors, all featuring excellent design and long-lasting quality. Pivot shower doors can swing 180° so they can open in or out. Pivot hinges are the design used on most ultra-modern curved glass shower doors. Explore best bathroom deals on the best bathroom brands online here at Bathroom Shop UK.

We stock top brands Kudos and Sommer showers who offer great ranges of shower enclosures. A pivot shower door provides a fantastic solution for bathrooms that have shower enclosures positioned in an alcove or a corner. Best Bathroom deals on the best bathroom brands. Shop Bathroom Shop UK now!

Pivot Shower Doors – Offers Perfect Simplicity with Elegant Style

In your bathroom suite, if you want to give a sophisticated touch, a Pivot showering door is the best option. Known as hinge or swinging doors, pivot showering doors are open inward and outwards as they can swing 180 degrees. It is an ideal door for easy access and most suitable for bathrooms having more space. When closing the door, it gives spacious look, but when it opens outwards, it occupies more space. The pivot or hinge is placed on the top and bottom of the door in such a way that it opens only three-quarters of it outside into the bathroom. When you open the door outward, it makes the floor wet, hence for wet-room style bathrooms or non-slip flooring, this type of door is the best option.

With renowned brands such as Matki pivot doors, Kudos pivot shower doors, or Sommer pivot shower doors, you can get the best quality and long-lasting solution for your bathroom. Ensure glass thickness when you Buy Pivot Shower Doors Online, for instance, pivot shower door 900mm or pivot shower door 1200mm or you can select frameless shower door to give an elegant style. If you are looking for any reliable shop in the UK, write us at call us at 01924 267717 or write us at sales@bathroomshopuk.com