wet room is a stylish and accessible way to create a bathroom with many purposes. Waterproofing products keep the foundations of your wet room dry and secure for years to come. A range of wet room kits & wet room trays for creating a walk-in shower floor. Suitable for Pro and DIY use. Buy Bathrooms cheaper online! Available in sizes from 800mm to over 1700mm, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs. The benefit of the wet room shower tray is its waterproofness and ease of installation. It combines strength, practicality, and beautiful design.

Wetroom Tray – An Affordable Option to Replace Your Old Shower Tray

Wetroom Shower Trays are useful to drain away from your wet room or walk-in shower water. In the UK, wetroom trays are popularly used as the best alternate for replacing their old shower trays. You will get a variety of sizes and materials with styles to select the most suitable wet room tray for any type of wet room. The perfect shape and size of the wet room tray is an important factor to consider with its aesthetic design and style.

A Wet room shower tray provides you with an open up bathroom solution that eases showering access and makes it accessible instead of large shower doors that give a feeling of a small or messy area.

With the best quality Wetroom tray such as Kudos Aqua4ma linear metal wetroom tray and waste pack, you will get several advantages such as easy and fast to install, no taping require, best suitable for tile or vinyl, lifetime guarantee, and many more. When buying Wetroom shower trays online, you need to make sure that it is suitable for under-floor heating and wheelchair access.

Buying the best quality wet room trays such as Kudos wetroom shower trays, Matki trays, Matki Wetroom Shower trays, etc. will give you the most durable and robust solution for your modern wet room. To get the most affordable deal to buy Wetroom Shower Trays for your UK bathrooms, call us at 01924 267717 or write us at sales@bathroomshopuk.com