low-level toilet is where the cistern is fitted at a low level on the wall and connected to the pan by a chrome flush pipe. Low-level toilets consist of a floor-standing ceramic toilet pan and an exposed ceramic cistern, connected by a metal flush pipe. If you’re a fan of traditional-style bathrooms, choosing a low-level toilet is the best choice for your bathroom. Low-level toilets borrow several design features from high-level toilets and close-coupled toilets. Here at Bathroom Shop UK, We stock both modern and traditional designs of toilets. Best Sanitaryware deals on the best Ceramic bathroom brands!

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Low-level toilets consist of a floor standing ceramic toilet pan and an exposed ceramic cistern, connected by a metal flush pipe. The cistern is installed at a mid to low height on the wall with decorative brackets and the flush is operated by a handle. Low-level WC uses less water when disposing of liquid waste, your overall water usage will be drastically reduced. Burlington low-level toilet has a chrome-plated downpipe and a standard soft close seat. Slipping is prevented thanks to the chrome brass flush pipe nut cover with internal thread.  With a choice of chrome, antique gold or polished nickel fittings which can be matched up to the toilet seat hinges, a stunning look can be created in any bathroom by low-level traditional toilets.

Low-level toilet and cistern are very flexible to use and they possess very little space than other toilet sizes. In a high-level cistern, the cistern is located at the height and it has a long chain instead of a cistern lever for a flush. Cistern and toilet pan exists in the low-level toilet set.

Close-coupled toilets have the cistern attached to the toilet bowl, creating one streamlined unit which combines both essential parts. The pipes are hidden within the casings of the toilet and their compact nature means they are perfect for fitting into small or awkward spaces.

RAK Low-Level toilet Pack has a charming look and offers firm support, it is strong, hardwearing and just right for everyday use. To buy toilets online, contact us at sales@bathroomshopuk.com