We have all the bathroom accessories you need for your bathroom from top brands. Explore the full range of robe hooks, bathroom tumblers, toilet roll holders, shelves, toilet brushes, soap dispensers, Curtain rails, bathroom lighting, towel bars, and many more. So, Give your bathroom a season update with our fashionable and functional accessories. Bathroom Brands options available like RAK bathroom accessories, Duravit bathroom accessories, Burlington bathroom accessories, Vado Bathroom accessories, Victoria + Albert Bathroom Accessories, and a lot more! Modern & traditional Options available!

  • Basin Wastes

    Basin Wastes (83)

    Waste is a channel designed to enable water in your basin to run off safely, regardless of the design of the sink. They will also allow you to block the pipes of your sink, allowing it to fill up with water. Wastes provide drainage options for waste in basins and sinks. Centre pin dry fixing connections make for quick and simple…
  • Bath Wastes

    Bath Wastes (80)

    Bath wastes perform an important job in helping to facilitate the proper draining of your bath after each use. All have a drain at the bottom that allows you to control how much water is in the tub, while many modern tubs also have an overflow at the top that will prevent water from spilling over the sides. Chrome, brass…
  • Bathroom Lighting

    Bathroom Lighting (64)

    Good use of different types of lighting in the bathroom will ensure that you accomplish both tasks with ease. Good lighting for bathrooms should include the main ceiling light(s) or downlights, wall or mirror lights for shaving or applying make-up and a shower light if you have a separate cubicle. Our range of bathroom lighting and bathroom light fixtures offers…
  • Bathroom Tumblers

    Bathroom Tumblers (60)

    Buy Bathroom Tumbler and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Bathroom Shop UK. Check out our whole collection of bath accessories and basin accessories here.
  • Bottle Traps

    Bottle Traps (49)

    The bottle trap is an essential element of the basin's plumbing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and odour-free. An inner tube acts as a barrier or "trap," preventing sewer gas from entering the atmosphere. Without the tube, the space above the water line would allow gas to escape through the drain hole in the sink. Check out our full range of…
  • Countertops

    Countertops (98)

    A growing trend in highly stylish bathrooms, countertop basins give your bathroom a unique and modern feel. When placed on a worktop, these bowl basins really looks classy. Check out here our full range of countertops for your countertop basin or Under countertop basin. Free delivery over £500. Ideal with our bathroom worktops, countertop basins are undeniably stylish and give you peace of…
  • Curtain Rails

    Curtain Rails (13)

    A shower curtain rail allows you to hang and utilise a shower curtain within your bathroom. Shop a huge range of shower rails in a range of shapes & styles. Shower rods and rails are an essential part of your bathroom. Explore our exclusive range of modern shower baths and traditional shower baths online at a bathroom shop in the UK!
  • Grab Rails

    Grab Rails (30)

    Grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support. Though Grab rails are mostly being used in bathrooms. In toilets and showers, the tops of horizontal grab bars need to be 33 to 36 inches from the floor. The problem is that installers often aim for one edge of the range, and end up a bit…
  • Robe Hooks

    Robe Hooks (296)

    The robe hook is an instant storage solution that doubles as a real feature in your bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, wet room or toilet. Robe hooks, or Door hooks, are small bathroom accessories that attach to the back of your bathroom door to allow you to hang your robe, clothes, and many more. Shop our exclusive range of Soap Dispensers & All…
  • Shelves

    Shelves (206)

    Ideal for creating additional storage in your bathroom, A bathroom shelf offers the ideal solution when it comes to organizing your surfaces and keeping your bathroom sparkling clean and tidy. Shop all bathroom accessories including Towel Bars, Toilet Brushes, Soap Dispensers, Robe Hooks, and many more!
  • Shower Baskets

    Shower Baskets (46)

    Shower baskets, shower shelves, and shower caddies make the most of even the smallest shower and allow you to have all of your products within reach and safely stored away. Take a look at our collection of Corner Shower Basket, Shower Storage, Shower Shelves, and many more. We also stock a huge range of bathroom accessories online for sale such as Soap Dispensers, Towel Bars,…
  • Soap Dishes

    Soap Dishes (117)

    A soap dish is a shallow, open container or platform where a bar of soap may be placed to dry after use. Soap dishes are usually located in or near a sink, shower, or bathtub. We also stock a huge range of bathroom accessories such as Shower Baskets, Toilet Roll Holders, Rob Hooks, and many more!
  • Soap Dispensers

    Soap Dispensers (83)

    A soap dispenser is a stylish and practical way to store your liquid soaps. Shop a huge range of soap dispensers now! We also stock a huge range of soap dispensers online for sale at a bathroom shop in the UK! We also stock a huge range of more bathroom accessories such s Toilet Brushes, Bathroom Lighting, and many more!
  • Toilet Brushes

    Toilet Brushes (108)

    A toilet brush is a tool for cleaning a toilet bowl. Generally, the toilet brush is used with toilet cleaner or bleach. Weekly cleaning of the toilet brush itself will ensure it works well and is safe from germs. Explore a wide range of more bathroom accessories such as Robe Hooks, Shower Baskets, Bottle traps, and many more!
  • Toilet Roll Holders

    Toilet Roll Holders (199)

    A toilet roll holder, also known as a toilet paper dispenser, is an item that holds a roll of toilet paper. Common models include a hinged length of wire mounted horizontally on a wall, a thicker axle either recessed into a wall or mounted on a frame, or a freestanding vertical pole on a base. Explore a wide range of…
  • Toothbrush Holders

    Toothbrush Holders (7)

    Remember keeping your toothbrush clean helps your oral care as well. The most sanitary way to store your toothbrush is to keep the toothbrush in a clean holder where airflow can dry the toothbrush. Explore a wide range of Toothbrush holders from top brands such as Duravit bathroom accessories. We also stock a huge range of more bathroom accessories for sale too!
  • Towel Bars

    Towel Bars (315)

    A well-designed bathroom towel ring will hold everything from a hand towel to a bath sheet in style, keeping floors clear and towels clean. Being freestanding or wall-mounted, towel racks are quite useful. They are one of the larger towel hanging methods. Explore a wide range of towel hooks, towel bars, towel rings for sale here at an online bathroom shop in the UK! Explore…