Whether you’re looking for something to stand out such as a Zehnder or Bisque towel rail which are the market leaders in the heating industry and have many of their products in buildings worldwide or if you’re looking for a traditional radiator, we would recommend Burlington who have a vast array of different radiators with a classic design with 21st-century manufacturing. All the radiators and towel rails you will need are here to browse at Bathroom Shop UK. We stock a huge range of modern and traditional style radiators to suit your bathroom. We have everything you want to heat your bathroom at affordable prices.

In countries of cold weather, heat is the most important part of everyone’s life as it increases energy and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

A radiator is a device used to get the desired temperature by transferring thermal conductivity. Column radiators are made up of columns and the number of columns decides its name. For instance:- Radiator of 4 columns is named a 4-column radiator. The most preferable and desirable radiator nowadays is the vertical radiator as it looks more elegant and suitable for your bathroom. By increasing the size of vertical radiators, you can get tall radiators. In this modern era, contemporary radiators are well designed and used to get heat. Zehnder contemporary radiator is the appropriate choice for the one who wants to buy a contemporary radiator.

Electric heated towel rails on sale from various brands!

Unlike the other radiators, electric radiators generate the heat using oil or glycol, which generates the heat even after turning off the power for some more time. While choosing the radiator, one should consider the colour of the radiator according to its surroundings. In present days, people tend to have black radiators in the house. However, when it comes to the kitchen grey radiator is more suitable. Anthracite radiator leaves more space and gives a contemporary look to your home. RAK radiators provide a huge range of radiators in any size, colour and shape.

Talking about the bathroom radiator, it is designed differently to hang or dry the towels or put the things on it, since it is different from other types of radiators that are used in rooms. Radiator in the bathroom, which is used to dry the towel is known as towel radiators. Traditional towel radiators will allow you to get an ample amount of heat and also can be used as a stand. Vitra radiators offer different types of radiators which are used even using Wi-Fi.

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A towel warmer will make your towel heated and warmed when needed. Cast iron radiators work using the central heating system which works using electricity, oil, glycol or solar system. You can select modern radiators from Vogue radiators.

Similar to the towel warmer, electric towel rails make the wet towel dry using electricity. Heated towel rails dry the towel using electricity, a hydronic heat system or the liquid filled in the rails. You can buy heated towel rails made up of metal or highly qualified steel from Bisque heated towel rails. Electrically heated towel rails use electricity to dry the towel rather than any gas or liquid.

The bathroom towel rail is mainly used to hang and put your towel in style and with ease. This rail is mostly made up of steel and gives your bathroom an elegant look. In dual fuel towel rails, the rail is heated up using electricity or a central heating system. When you turn on the towel rail using electricity, the other parts of the home start getting heated automatically. Burlington traditional towel rails satisfy you with their designed traditional towel rails with more durability, which suits your bathroom.

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