Here at Bathroom Shop UK, we try and push high-quality luxurious shower enclosures. Matki, Kudos, Sommer Showers, and Just Trays are top-quality British brands that have been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Want some advice or some information? Chat with us or Call us now. Whether you’re looking to save space with a compact quadrant shower enclosure or looking for Walk-in shower enclosures. Then, why not check out our stunning collection of shower enclosures online here at the bathroom shop in the UK? We stock an exclusive range of enclosures from top brands such as Kudos Showers and many more.

Welcome to the best shower enclosures online shop. One of these is shower enclosures which include shower trays that restrict the water to be gone outside from a certain area. Here you can find various sizes and colors in shower trays including 1200×900 shower trays and grey shower trays, respectively that give a royal look to your bathroom. Kaldewei shower trays have a huge range of traditional to classically designed shower trays.

Explore an exclusive range of Shower enclosures!

If you really run out of space then a quadrant shower enclosure is the best option for you as quadrant shower trays are fitted in the corner and create more space for toilets and basins as well. You can get the best deals on Matki Shower Trays for Shower enclosures.

Walk-in shower trays provide a shower enclosure that has a shower tray without the door so that you can directly step into the area covered by the walk-in shower tray. Just shower trays satisfy you with its highly qualified shower trays with the largest productivity numbers.

Wetroom contains a wetroom shower screen, wetroom panels, and wetroom shower trays that have the quality of keeping the wall and floor dry by automatically draining the water. Another way to keep your bathroom clean is shower cubicles which will keep the water away from the wall and floor.

You can buy the best shower enclosures from Kudos which will give a monarchical touch to your bathroom. Moreover, its stone resin shower trays are made up of high-quality’s acrylic and raw materials.

From Bi-fold shower doors to Sliding shower doors, We have everything for you!

How many types of shower doors you can find on our website are as follows:-

  1. Frameless shower doors:- the most perceived shower doors without any metal support, which will give versatile look to your bathroom.
  2. Sliding shower doors:- slider is used in this door which opens up at one side only.
  3. Bifold shower doors:- foldable shower doors which are folded when it is not in use that leaves more space in the bathroom.
  • Corner entry

    Corner entry (4)

    Explore a wide range of corner shower enclosures online at low prices at a bathroom shop in the UK. England's best online bathroom shop. They are available in a number of different styles, shapes, and sizes, including walk-in shower enclosures and hinged doors. Corner entry shower enclosures are a sensible option for anyone trying to save on a bit of…
  • Hinge Doors

    Hinge Doors (219)

    Our range of hinged shower doors will stop water splashing out into your bathroom. With modern and traditional designs our range of hinged shower doors with a classic look enhance your showering experience. We offer only market leader brands in the showering industry here at Bathroom Shop UK such as Matki and Kudos who make good quality hinged shower doors.…
  • Offset Quadrant Trays

    Offset Quadrant Trays (258)

    The offset quadrant shower tray is for those who want a quadrant shower enclosure and tray but with a bit of added space. Shop Offset Quadrant Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. Offset quadrant shower trays are extended versions of quadrant trays, featuring an extended width that allows for a more spacious cubicle. Stone resin shower trays are fast becoming the most popular…
  • Offset Quadrants

    Offset Quadrants (194)

    Shop Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures at Bathroom Shop UK. The offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray are a modern update of rectangular-shaped enclosures with a curved edge. Offset quadrant shower cubicles have one side that is longer than the other giving that offset design that provides more space to enjoy your shower. The enclosure of choice for those looking to heighten the style of a fresh bathroom renovation. If you…
  • Pentagon Showers

    Pentagon Showers (72)

    Pentangle Shower enclosures feature 3 sides of glass combined with a corner wall to form a 5 sided shower enclosure. Explore a wide range of pentagonal shower enclosures online at the bathroom shop UK! Pentagon Shower Enclosures are designed for that awkward space or when the design needs something with sharper edges. We also stock a full range of quadrant…
  • Pentagonal Trays

    Pentagonal Trays (8)

    A pentagon shower tray is one that has five sides. Shop Pentagonal Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. A pentagonal, also known as a pentangle, the shower tray is used as a base for a pentagonal shower enclosure. If you are looking for purchasing a shower tray for your enclosure online, check out our full range of shower trays here. We…
  • Pivot Doors

    Pivot Doors (177)

    Pivot is an original design of shower enclosure and quick and easy to fit into your bathroom. We have a range of styles here at Bathroom Shop UK, for example, the thickness and the overall style such as modern and traditional. If you're looking for a traditional design then Burlington has a range of pivot shower doors for you to…
  • Quadrant Showers

    Quadrant Showers (70)

    At Bathroom Shop UK, we have a fabulous selection of quadrant shower enclosures and shower enclosure kits that will make any type of bathroom look truly stunning. We stand by good quality shower enclosures as you spend a lot of time showering. With market brands such as Matki, kudos, and sommer they will give you enough persuasion to get a…
  • Quadrant Trays

    Quadrant Trays (198)

    Quadrant trays are ideal for smaller bathrooms that could benefit from a full shower enclosure and tray. Shop Quadrant Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. Increasingly the most popular material for modern shower trays, offering the best balance between weight and durability. Quadrant trays are space-saving and comfortable. Quadrant trays are used to fit with quadrant shower enclosures! Buy Bathrooms cheaper online! Best bathroom deals! Luxury bathrooms shop now! We…
  • Rectangle Trays

    Rectangle Trays (1806)

    Browse our range of poly marble, stone resin, ceramic, and acrylic Rectangular Shower Trays. Shop Shower trays with the best bathroom deals! Buy Bathrooms cheaper online! Rectangular shower trays offer lots of space and luxury for you to enjoy your showering experience. Your shower tray gives you a non-slip surface to stand on while showering while providing the right amount of…
  • Shower Enclosures

    Shower Enclosures (508)

    Sometimes referred to as shower cubicles, a shower enclosure can be positioned almost anywhere in your bathroom if the plumbing allows it. Complete the look of your bathroom with a Shower Enclosure from Bathroom Shop UK. Shower enclosures are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any requirement. Buy Quadrant or Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures, Bi-fold or Slider…
  • Shower Trays

    Shower Trays (702)

    Choose our high-quality shower tray and shower bases, including stone resin shower tray and walk-in trays. A luxury shower tray range is available. Shower Tray is the foundation of your showering experience, so they need to be durable and long-lasting. Here at Bathroom Shop UK, we strive to push quality bathroom products from market-leading brands, such as Matki, Kudos, and Just Trays.…
  • Side Panels

    Side Panels (237)

    Side Panels are glass panels that can be used to complete a showering space or enclosure. Complement your bathroom with a Shower Side Panel. Shop the full range of bi-fold shower doors, hinged shower doors, and double sliding doors from Bathroom shop UK Today.
  • Slider Shower Doors

    Slider Shower Doors (316)

    Buy great products from our Sliding Doors Category online at As the name suggests, a sliding shower door operates by sliding back and forth thanks to the use of rollers and long door width. Our sliding shower doors are available in frameless designs, with frames or as semi-frameless models. Buy Bathrooms cheaper online here. Top brands such as Matki…
  • Square Trays

    Square Trays (323)

    The square shower tray makes for a sensible choice and can be easily adapted to a host of interior spaces and shower enclosures. Shop Square Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. These low-level contemporary square shower trays are perfect for any contemporary bathroom. Our fantastic range of square shower trays is supplied in a huge array of sizes and as adjustable…
  • Walk in Showers

    Walk in Showers (19)

    There is no need for a bulkier shower enclosure with doors that may intrude upon what little space you already have, simply choose from our range of wet room glass screens, panels and pivot doors. If you don't particularly need or want a bath, you can simply remove it and install a shower, opening up the room. Don't know which…
  • Wetroom Shower Trays

    Wetroom Shower Trays (15)

    A wet room is a stylish and accessible way to create a bathroom with many purposes. Waterproofing products keep the foundations of your wet room dry and secure for years to come. A range of wet room kits & wet room trays for creating a walk-in shower floor. Suitable for Pro and DIY use. Buy Bathrooms cheaper online! Available in sizes from 800mm to over 1700mm, you'll be sure to…
  • Wetrooms

    Wetrooms (217)

    We have a wide range of black enclosures and wetroom screens here at Bathroom Shop UK for you to browse. Black shower enclosures are new within the bathroom industry and they're getting very popular in family bathrooms due to their robust design and contemporary look. Matki, Kudos, and Sommer offer some fabulous wetroom screens and black enclosures. They will create…