Here at Bathroom Shop UK we try and push high quality luxurious shower enclosures as having a shower is a daily routine. Matki, Merlyn and Just Trays are top quality British brands which have been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to the best possible quality giving you the best and most long-lasting shower enclosure possible, made to tackle the wear and tear of everyday life in the bathroom.We have a wide range of different shower enclosures using modern and traditional design from the new and popular black ranges to the stunning series 8 from Merlyn. However if you’re wanting something simple and cheap brands such as Hudson Reed and Cassellie will give you the perfect enclosure.Want some advice or some information? Then out sales team are on standby and ready to help on 0844 800 3902!

  • Bi fold Shower Doors

    Bi fold Shower Doors (21)

    Bi-folding doors are great for space-saving. This folding design makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms and en-suites although they can be used in any size of the bathroom. We show only market leaders in the showering industry here at Bathroom Shop UK because the time you spend in the shower in your life deserves to be backed up with a…
  • Hinged Shower Doors

    Hinged Shower Doors (19)

    Our range of hinged shower doors will stop water splashing out in to your bathroom reducing the amount of cleaning needing to be done after showering. With modern and traditional designs our range of hinged shower doors with a classic look with enhance your showering experience. We offer only market leader brands in the showering industry here at Bathroom Shop…
  • Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures (22)

    Shop Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures at Bathroom Shop UK. The offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray are a modern update of rectangular shaped enclosures with a curved edge. Offset quadrant shower cubicles have one side is longer than the other giving that offset design which provides more space to enjoy your shower. The enclosure of choice for those looking to heighten the style of a fresh bathroom renovation
  • Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

    Offset Quadrant Shower Trays (32)

    Offset quadrant shower trays are for those who want a quadrant shower enclosure and tray but with a bit of added space. Shop Offset Quadrant Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. Offset quadrant shower trays are extended versions of quadrant trays, featuring an extended width that allows for a more spacious cubicle. Stone resin shower trays are fast becoming the most popular choice. An offset quadrant…
  • Pivot Shower Doors

    Pivot Shower Doors (19)

    Pivot are an original design of shower enclosure and quick and easy to fit into your bathroom. We have a range of styles here at Bathroom Shop UK, for example the thickness and the overall style such as modern and traditional. If you're looking for a traditional design then Burlington and Heritage have a range of pivot shower doors for…
  • Quadrant Shower Enclosures

    Quadrant Shower Enclosures (13)

    For a cool, modern alternative look to the traditional rectangular shower enclosures then a quadrant shower enclosure would be ideal for you. At Bathroom Shop UK, we have a fabulous selection of quadrant shower enclosures and shower enclosure kits that will make any type of bathroom look truly stunning. We stand by good quality shower enclosures as you spend a…
  • Quadrant Shower Trays

    Quadrant Shower Trays (13)

    Quadrant shower trays are ideal for smaller bathrooms that could benefit from a full shower enclosure and tray. Shop Quadrant Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. Increasingly the most popular material for modern shower trays, offering the best balance between weight and durability. Quadrant shower trays are space saving and comfortable.
  • Rectangular Shower Trays

    Rectangular Shower Trays (80)

    Rectangular shower trays offer lots of space and luxury for you to enjoy your showering experience. Your shower tray gives you a non-slip surface to stand on while showering, while providing the right amount of slope to allow the water to drain easily. Shop Rectangular Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. You Can also explore Offset quadrant and quadrant shower trays.
  • Shower Trays & Enclosures Accessories

    Shower Trays & Enclosures Accessories (64)

    Shop Shower Trays and Enclosure Accessories
  • Sliding Shower Doors

    Sliding Shower Doors (40)

    These shower door units are compact and contained, and can be applied to the smaller space or ensuite, as there is no need to consider the arc associated with pivoted doors. If you're a traditionalist then try Burlington for an older look who are a market leader in the bathroom industry for traditional bathroom products, however if you have a…
  • Square Shower Trays

    Square Shower Trays (12)

    The square shower tray makes for a sensible choice and can be easily adapted to a host of interior spaces and shower enclosures. Shop Square Shower Trays at Bathroom Shop UK. These low level contemporary square shower trays are perfect for any contemporary bathroom. Trays range in size from 700mm up to 1000mm. Square Shower trays are the most versatile shape…
  • Wetroom Panels

    Wetroom Panels (60)

    We have a wide range of black enclosures and wetroom screens here at Bathroom Shop UK for you to browse. Black shower enclosures are the new in within the bathroom industry and they're getting very popular in family bathrooms due to their robust design and contemporary look. Matki, Merlyn and Hudson Reed offer some fabulous wetroom screens and black enclosures…