These days taps are more than just a functional item for your bath or basin they are pieces of art. They can completely transform the aesthetics of your bathroom. We have a huge range of different taps for you to choose from here at Bathroom Shop UK.As trusted partners to some of the world’s leading brands you can buy with us with confidence and at very competitive prices. If you are looking for a traditional tap we recommended looking at brands like Burlington and Heritage, alternatively if your wanting a more contemporary look you must look at top brands like Hudson Reed and Hansgrohe.If you can’t find what your are looking for from our extensive range don’t hesitate in contacting one of our experienced team members on 0844 800 3902 who will be more than happy to help you with any enquirers you may have.It is clear to us that one basin type does not fit all types of bathroom and that is why we stock a huge range of basins such as countertop, semi-recessed, wall hung, corner and cloakroom. With such a huge and diverse range from top manufacturers there really is something for everyone. You will find that most of our basins are matched will other pieces of bathroom furniture so you can maintain the overall style of your bathroom whilst choosing your favourite basin.

  • Basin Taps

    Basin Taps (48)

    Buying basin taps is an important consideration as it can really help to reinforce and complement the style of your bathroom. We have a huge range of quality basin taps for your bathroom, all at lower online prices. Best Bathroom deals on the Best Bathroom Brands!
  • Basin Taps Pair

    Basin Taps Pair (51)

    For the traditionalist, our range of taps in pairs features mainly traditional designs. We have market leader brands in the traditional bathroom sector such as Heritage and Burlington which will give you the ultimate traditional bathroom design.
  • Bath Filler Taps

    Bath Filler Taps (157)

    A bath filler tap is designed purely to fill your bath with water. Traditionally they are usually two taps connected onto the same bar with a shared water outlet. Explore a wide range of bath filler taps online at bathroom shop the UK! We stock a huge range of bathroom taps at the lowest online prices.
  • Bath Shower Mixers

    Bath Shower Mixers (276)

    Bath Shower Mixers combine showers and a bath filler which will create the ultimate bathing experince. If you don’t have room for a shower enclosure or a bath screen then the bath shower mixer comes with a shower handset allowing you to wash your hair in the bath.
  • Bath Spouts

    Bath Spouts (11)

    Bath spouts that are either wall or deck mounted. These can be used with side bodies, manual valves, or thermostatic shower valves with diverters. Fill your stunning bathtub with a bath spout from Bathroom Shop UK, an elegant yet minimalistic way of adding that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom.
  • Bath Taps

    Bath Taps (21)

    We offer a vast range of bath taps here at Bathroom Shop UK, so you can find the perfect style for your bathroom. With designs for freestanding and regular baths, whether it’s contemporary or traditional there is the perfect bath tap for you, here at Bathroom Shop UK. We offer a range of market-leading brands such as Hansgrohe, Vado, and…
  • Bath Taps Pair

    Bath Taps Pair (25)

    If you're wanting to go down the traditional route for your bathroom then we have a range of stunning bath taps here at Bathroom Shop UK. Contact one of our experienced team on 0844 800 3902 who will be more than happy to help with any enquirers you may have.
  • Bidet Taps

    Bidet Taps (29)

    Popular in Europe, bidets are the ulimate partner for your bathroom. They are used for a simple wash after the use of the toilet without using sanitary wipes. Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom design, market leader brands such as Vado, Hansgrohe, Heritage and Burlington who offer excellent quality and design will have the perfect bidet tap for…
  • Freestanding Bath Taps

    Freestanding Bath Taps (2)

    Freestanding baths are a real statement piece in any bathroom so picking the right tap is essential to finishing off the look in style. Freestanding bath taps essentially do exactly what you would think - they stand directly on the floor next to your bath. We have a large selection for you to browse through from some of the top…
  • Kitchen Taps

    Kitchen Taps (37)

    We understand that a kitchen tap is a vital addition to your kitchen space, our range at Bathroom Shop UK delivers both function and style to your kitchen.
  • Mono Basin Mixers

    Mono Basin Mixers (415)

    The basin mixer taps allow you to have one tap hole on your basin creating a modern look. We have a range of different basin mixers with ranging price tags. If you strive for quality then Vado and Hansgrohe are the brands for you but if you’re wanting something cheap as a quick fix then brands such as Cassellie and…
  • Sensor Taps

    Sensor Taps (13)

    No Touch Automatic Sensor Taps Sensor taps are very simple to operate. The sensor detects hand movements and turns the tap on for use, then turns it off after no movement is detected for a specific amount of time.
  • Tall Basin Mixers

    Tall Basin Mixers (6)

    Create a statemet within your bathroom with a tall basin mixer from the market leaders Hansgrohe and Vado. If you’re having something different such as a coutertop basin then a tall basin mixer is the perfect choice for you. With many different ranges and styles these tall basin mixers will create a new ambience to your bathroom.