These days taps are more than just a functional item for your bath or basin they are pieces of art. They can completely transform the aesthetics of your bathroom. We have a huge range of different taps for you to choose from here at Bathroom Shop UK. As trusted partners to some of the world’s leading brands, you can buy with us with confidence and at very competitive prices. If you are looking for a traditional tap we recommended looking at brands like Burlington.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting a more contemporary look you must look at top brands like Vado and Hansgrohe. If you can’t find what you are looking for from our extensive range don’t hesitate in contacting one of our experienced team members on 01924 267717 who will be more than happy to help you with any enquirers you may have. It is clear to us that one basin type does not fit all types of bathrooms and that is why we stock a huge range of basins such as the countertop, semi-recessed, wall hung, corner, and cloakroom.

With such a huge and diverse range from top manufacturers, there really is something for everyone. You will find that most of our basins are matched with other pieces of bathroom furniture to maintain your bathroom’s overall style whilst choosing your favourite basin.

Taps are used to control the flow of water in the bathroom, sink and any other place where water is needed. You can find all of the basin as well as bath taps here, which you can buy online with ease.

RAK basin mixer taps offer you a wide range of amazing basin mixer taps featuring temperature and water flow settlement through one spout.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, then the easiest and cheapest way to install taps is the basin taps pair, which are available on Hansgrohe taps. These taps are available in classic and modern designs.

Tall basin mixer taps are suitable for countertop basins as the tap is placed over the countertop. In this kind of tap, you can also have the mono basin mixer tap, in which the single hole is located in the tap, from where the water emerges. You can check the different bathroom basin taps, which you can fit in your bathroom basin on Vitra bathroom taps.

Hansgrohe Bathroom Taps, Vado Basin Taps, & Vitra Bathroom Taps on Sale!

The bath filler tap, made up of brass and finished using Chrome, fills your bathtub or bath while removing the used water. In the bath shower mixer tap, you can set the temperature and water flow through the tap and then you can continue the same flow and temperature of water in the shower. To install the tap at any height and nearer to your bathtub, freestanding bath taps is the unique choice of one so that you can have the water of precise temperature and flow. You can get more ideas of various bathroom taps from Vado bathroom taps.

Bath spout is used along with the taps or is fitted using screw-in bathtubs from which the water comes out. Bathroom faucets are used to set the flow and temperature of the water. You can get the cold water by turning on the faucet and then when you turn it a little more you will get the mixture of cold and hot water which discharges from the shower later when using the bath shower mixer faucet. The flow of the water is higher in the bathtub faucet compared to other faucets. It would be very easy to clean the surface and the faucet when the black bathroom faucet is installed. Moreover, it will give a royal and materialistic look to your bathroom. Hansgrohe provides a complete shower kit that includes a shower head, shower arm and hand shower which is a complete package for one who wants to make their bathroom look more stylish.

Bidet tap has little holes in the spout and this tab emerges less amount of water than other taps. It is used in basin taps but mostly used in kitchen taps. RAK bathroom taps satisfy you with its best collection of bathroom sink taps.

Overflow filler waste has two pipes. One excess the wasted water and the other passes water in the bath or bathtub at the same time. Victoria + Albert overflow filler provides designed overflow filler with a popup button.

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In this contemporary era, sensor taps are the best way to keep your bathroom technically upgraded. You don’t have any need to turn on the tap or push any kind of button to wash your hands. Wall mixture tap handles the temperature of the water by one unit that is fitted in the wall and then water comes out through the spout. According to its name, single lever basin mixer taps control the temperature and water with the decrement of water by using one single lever. If you want the quality in taps and traditional basin taps is the best option for the one who wants the cheapest basin mixer taps.

Tavistock Basin mixer taps fulfil every customer’s wish to have desired taps in any colour including black basin taps and so on, for their bathroom and basins.

  • Basin Taps Pair

    Basin Taps Pair (110)

    We have market leader brands in the traditional bathroom sector such as  Burlington which will give you the ultimate traditional bathroom design. Always check the dimensions of the tap you're buying, as well as the area that you're fitting it in. Buying a basin tap is an important consideration as it can really help to reinforce and complement the style of your bathroom. We…
  • Bath Filler Taps

    Bath Filler Taps (176)

    A bath filler tap is designed purely to fill your bath with water. Traditionally they are usually two taps connected onto the same bar with a shared water outlet. Explore a wide range of bath filler taps online at a bathroom shop UK! We stock a huge range of bathroom taps at the lowest online prices. If you're looking for a range of deck-mounted bath…
  • Bath Shower Mixers

    Bath Shower Mixers (519)

    Bath Shower Mixers combine showers and a bath filler which will create the ultimate bathing experience. If you don’t have room for a shower enclosure or a bath screen then the bath shower mixer comes with a shower handset allowing you to wash your hair in the bath. Check out our exclusive collection of Bath shower mixer taps from top…
  • Bath Spouts

    Bath Spouts (42)

    Give your bathroom a designer edge by adding a wall-mounted bath spout.  Bath spouts that are either wall or deck mounted. These can be used with side bodies, manual valves, or thermostatic shower valves with diverters. Fill your stunning bathtub with a bath spout from Bathroom Shop UK, an elegant yet minimalistic way of adding that extra touch of luxury to…
  • Bidet Taps

    Bidet Taps (98)

    Popular in the UK, bidets are the ultimate partner for your bathroom. They are used for a simple wash after the use of the toilet without using sanitary wipes. Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom design, market-leading brands such as Vado, Hansgrohe, and Burlington who offer excellent quality and design will have the perfect bidet tap for you.…
  • Freestanding Bath Taps

    Freestanding Bath Taps (21)

    Freestanding baths are a real statement piece in any bathroom so picking the right tap is essential to finish off the look in style. View our extensive range of Floorstanding Bath Shower Mixer and Stand Alone Bath Fillers Taps online. Freestanding bath taps essentially do exactly what you would think - they stand directly on the floor next to your…
  • Kitchen Taps

    Kitchen Taps (179)

    We understand that a kitchen tap is a vital addition to your kitchen space, our range at Bathroom Shop UK delivers both function and style to your kitchen. Select from a range of kitchen sink taps that offer advanced performance including various spray types, and filtration functionality. Get a leading supplier of Single Lever Taps & Single Lever Kitchen Tap with…
  • Mono Basin Mixers

    Mono Basin Mixers (871)

    Explore a wide range of mono basin mixers online here, at bathroom shop UK. Basin Mixer Taps combine your hot and cold water feeds to flow out through a single spout, which can be controlled by a lever or twin handles. The basin mixer taps allow you to have one tap hole on your basin creating a modern look. We…
  • Overflow Filler Wastes

    Overflow Filler Wastes (17)

    One of the most stylish ways to modernize your bathroom is to forego the traditional bath tap and fill your bath from the waste mechanism itself. The main benefits of bath overflow fillers are the ease of install and the uncluttered look they give your bath. The water emerges from a hole on the underside of the chrome circular overflow. An overflow bath filler is…
  • Sensor Taps

    Sensor Taps (7)

    No Touch Automatic Sensor Taps are very simple to operate. The sensor detects hand movements and turns the tap on for use, then turns it off after no movement is detected for a specific amount of time. Sensor taps are a common sight in public washrooms across the world in this covid situation. in the current situation of the covid-19, sensor taps are the…
  • Tall Basin Mixers

    Tall Basin Mixers (35)

    Create a statement within your bathroom with a tall basin mixer tap from the market leaders Hansgrohe and Vado. If you’re having something different such as a countertop basin then a tall basin mixer is the perfect choice for you. With many different ranges and styles, these tall basin mixers will create a new ambience for your bathroom. We have…