Here at Bathroom Shop UK, we have a huge range of basins to suit all styles of bathroom. With our contemporary designed basins consisting of unique shapes and curvature to our traditional range of basins inspired by the Edwardian and Victorian periods, we are guaranteed to have the basin for you. It is clear to us that one basin type does not fit all types of bathroom and that is why we stock a huge range of basins such as a countertop, semi-recessed, wall hung, corner and cloakroom. With such a huge and diverse range from top manufacturers, there really is something for everyone. You will find that most of our basins are matched will other pieces of bathroom furniture so you can maintain the overall style of your bathroom whilst choosing your favourite basin.

Basins are typically used to clean your hands, face, and any other body parts. Some washbasins are used to wash dishes and other vessels, are known as a sink or kitchen washbasins. These sinks are similar to under the counter basin in which the bowl is placed under a tap. Duravit Basins UK provides a wide range of washbasins. Its Duravit undermount sink allows you to select the best of its washbasin products.

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Contrary to this, in countertop washbasins, the washbowl is located above the countertop which is easy and cheaper to install. You can buy stylish washbasins from Vitra washbasins with ease.

Installing a hand wash basin in the bathroom, mostly known as a bathroom wash basin, shows the sign of materialism to one’s bathroom. You can get washbasins made from ceramics from RAK washbasins. Most of the washbasins are connected to the floor or wall through a pedestal, either a full pedestal or a semi pedestal. The full pedestal basin stands steady with the support of the pedestal. Opposite to this, semi pedestal basin is integrated into the wall and the pedestal is used to conceal the pipework under the basin. Tavistock washbasins provide a wide range of designed bathrooms from traditional to modern bathroom washbasins.

In the short-spaced bathroom, the best way to use every space with all bathroom fixtures is corner washbasins. This basin is fitted in the corner, where you can install other bathroom furniture such as bathroom cabinets or other vanity units together. Victoria + Albert washbasin offers the best deals on washbasins with bathroom furniture.

Another way to save more space is installing cloakroom washbasins that are available in all shapes such as rectangle, circle, square, etc, and also can be fitted in the corner. GSI washbasins satisfy every customer by providing washbasins of all types and sizes.

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Talking about the semi-recessed basin, similar to the countertop basin, but the edges of the sink are placed outside of the support and the remaining part is placed over the support and above the countertop. You can select semi-recessed basins and other washbasins from Duravit Vero washbasins, which provide the cheaper washbasins with longer durability.

Wall-mounted washbasins are connected to the wall that allows you to utilize and clean the space beneath the washbasin with ease. You can choose these kinds of sinks and basins from Duravit wall-mounted sinks. Buy online washbasins by visiting

  • Cloakroom Basins

    Cloakroom Basins (55)

    Cloakroom basins are much more compact than the usual offerings. Perfectly designed to be installed in smaller settings where space is tight. These small sinks are available in an array of modern and traditional styles. Featuring leading brands such as Hudson Reed & RAK Ceramics. We also stock a wide range of Wall Mounted basins, Semi pedestal basins & Full…
  • Corner Basins

    Corner Basins (21)

    We have a range of corner basins that not only will save you a huge amount of space in your bathroom, but also make an attractive touch to the overall style. These basins are extremely well designed and compact will all of the functionalities of a standard basin. All of our corner basins are made from the highest quality vitreous…
  • Countertop Basins

    Countertop Basins (304)

    A countertop basin is simply a basin that's mounted to a flat surface. This surface could be a wall-hung basin shelf, an old table, or even a set of drawers. Explore a wide range of countertop basins at low online prices at bathroom shop UK. This type of basin doesn't make use of a pedestal and doesn't attach to the wall. Available in a…
  • Full Pedestal Basins

    Full Pedestal Basins (184)

    Fitting perfectly in a traditional bathroom, there is nothing better than a basin with a full pedestal. We have a wide range of basins and full pedestals from top manufacturers. All of our basins are made from the highest quality vitreous china ensuring long life and a pristine finish to compliment your bathroom. A pedestal basin hides the pipework behind your sink which connects…
  • Semi Pedestal Basins

    Semi Pedestal Basins (121)

    These basins are wall hung, with the pipework and waste concealed behind the wall. Basins with a semi pedestal are designed to create the illusion of space but keep the basin unit looking sleek. Semi Pedestal basins are more contemporary than full pedestal basins. They give you extra space as the pedestal doesn't extend all the way to the floor. Buy Basin And Semi…
  • Semi Recessed Basins

    Semi Recessed Basins (47)

    We have an excellent range of Semi Recessed washbasins from top manufacturers such as Duravit & Burlington guaranteeing excellent quality and long life expectancy. These stunning recessed bathroom sinks possess a certain modern edge and will help give your bathroom a bespoke designer look. We have sourced a variety of shapes and sizes, from slimline space-saving sinks, vintage charm to…
  • Traditional Basins

    Traditional Basins (1339)

    Looking for something a little different to stand out in your bathroom? Basins on stands are another alternative to the classic basin finish and look stylish with a classy design. Available in oak, cherry, and maple wood finishes, or for something more traditional we also have metal stands online. Feel free to browse our collection of basins with washstands for…
  • Under Counter Basins

    Under Counter Basins (41)

    Under counter, basins are designed to sit within your bathroom counter. Undermount Bathroom Sinks is a perfect choice due to them being easier to clean. We also feature Inset Basins at our online store-these are also known as under-counter washbasins. Instead of sitting flush with the surface, they are actually set slightly underneath, making them incredibly understated. Our Undercounter basins are all from…
  • Vanity Basins

    Vanity Basins (189)

    A beautiful bathroom is like a vacation. Immerse yourself into our wide range of ceramic, bathroom furniture, and kitchen sinks. Duravit once again presents the pinnacle of holistic bathroom design Heightened emotions contrast with state-of-the-art. Duravit Wall hung vanity units with basins and Floorstanding Vanity units with basins are a popular choice across the UK. Vanity units are a practical and highly functional bathroom storage solution.…
  • Wall Mounted Basins

    Wall Mounted Basins (477)

    For a stylish space-saving solution for your bathroom then purchase a wall-hung basin from Bathroom Shop UK. They are also ideal for the smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms as they don’t take up any floor space. We have a great range of wall-hung basins in all kinds of shapes and styles so that you can personalize your bathroom right down to…