With a centrally positioned waste, our range of double-ended baths is perfect for couples. Also made from the highest quality acrylic baths keeping your water warmer for longer. From top brands such as Duravit, Carron, and Clearwater at amazing prices. We will have the perfect double-ended bath for your bathroom. Why not try Carron’s carronite baths? A double-ended baths has the waste and taps fitted in the centre of the tub or fitted to the wall. This means that both ends of the bath have a gentle slope and that there’s enough room for two people to bathe together. We also stock a huge range of Single Ended Baths, Shower Baths, and Freestanding Baths Online for sale here at bathroom shop UK.

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In the middle part of long-ended tubs, the taps are installed in order to feel leisure by lying the head in any direction, such favourable conditions can only be found in Double ended baths.

This type of bath is generally suitable for two people as it has a slope on both ends of the tub since it is the time-saving bath type. Carron double-ended baths sell a wide range of double-ended designed baths made up of acrylic that has 30 minutes longer heat tolerance power.

Children can enjoy more in double-ended baths. Hence, it is more preferable by the families. Duravit double-ended baths offer its best Duravit Starck double-ended baths that have longer durability. Furthermore, its D-Code bathtubs are available at a reasonable price appropriate to the bathroom designs.

Unlike single-ended baths, two people can bath together at a single time. In addition, you can ad the freestanding facility to your double-ended baths leading to a richer view of the bathroom. Kaldewei baths give a higher ranking and distinct featured double-ended baths with shower surfaces. You can get more precise information at sales@bathroomshopuk.com