Our collection of Single-ended baths are the perfect bathing solution for any bathroom design. We have a wide variety of ranges, styles, and manufacturers for you to choose from. With brands from Duravit baths and Carron which offer a contemporary design. Burlington Traditional baths showcase a traditional design. All are made of high quality. They are extremely easy to clean and hard-wearing. Straight baths, or regular baths, are the most common shape of baths available in a range of lengths suitable for a bathroom or en-suite of any size. Additionally, we also stock a huge range of  Double-ended baths from top brands such as Duravit Baths. Best Bathroom deals! Also, if you have enough space in your bathroom You can also check out our Freestanding baths from world-class brand Water Baths. Buy Single Ended Baths Online now!

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Single Ended Bath Deals

In present days, there are some bathtubs or bathrooms, in which tap and sewer both are situated at one place. The sewer is placed beneath the tap. Such a kind of bath system is known as Single ended bath.

This kind of bath is mostly useful when you run out of space as it requires the least space that includes the tap only to be integrated on the wall so that you can put the tub under the tap and on the floor. Carron single-ended bath provides a huge range of hand-made single-ended baths in different sizes.

Moreover, this bath is consumed by a single person for relaxation. Duravit Single-ended baths as the name suggests, durability shows the quality of the product. Duravit Durastyle baths are rectangle in shape and right slant with sanitary acrylic. Duravit D-code bath offers a single-ended bath with a backrest of different dimensions and sizes.

Unlike Double ended baths, only one person can use the bath at a single time. You can buy the best bath in different shapes with various features including freestanding baths from Kaldewei Baths.