KALDEWEI bathtubs transform every bathroom into a place of relaxation. The great variety of shapes and the numerous features make the individual design of your personal dream bathtub possible. Aesthetically shaped grips perfectly match the design of our various bath models and provide greater safety in the bath. As non-slip surface finishes, anti-slip and full anti-slip are fired permanently into the steel enamel and cover either a large section or the full base of the tub for secure footing. KALDEWEI steel baths enamel combines robust steel and tough glass to form an inseparable bond that harnesses the strengths of each material in perfect symbiosis and looks just exquisite.

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For having a misty-eyed and hygienic start to the day, a warm and healthy bath is important. In this situation, the bathroom and its design play a key role. Kaldewei baths offer different types of baths that are suitable for your bathroom and give you a feel of being a royalist.

Kaldewei Single-ended bath has gravitated the prosaic style, where both tap and waste area are located at the one end of the bath and the tap is attached about the waist area. Contrary to this, a tap and waste area are located in the middle of the bath, designed for two people which is known as Kaldewei Double-ended baths.

Freestanding baths are currently becoming a cliche and eventually, it leaves more space on the floor. Moreover, it does not require any mason work to be done for fitting purposes. Owing to these reasons this type of bath is easy to clean. Kaldewei freestanding baths are available in fully furnished various designs.

A place under which a person bath with hot or warm water is known as a shower bath. There are many facilities such as temperature control, the pressure of spray and flexible showerhead liver. Select your kind of shower bath from our huge collection of Kaldewei Shower baths.

To experience the standard and exclusive range of steel baths, Kaldewei Steel bath is one of the top outlets in Europe. The material used in steel baths has longer durability than any other plastic bath. In addition, the solid material assures a long-lasting impression of the bath. The glass enamel coating is very stubborn to be destroyed and the edges of the tub refrain the heat from going outside so the warmth of the water can be felt by each cell of the body. Steel baths are a more upgraded product than filmy acrylic so you can buy steel baths from Kaldewei Steel baths without any worry.

Kaldewei Eurowa baths are made up of Steel to decrease the chances of damage caused by crack or scratches and reduce the risk of bruising. Further, it doesn’t require any chemicals as it only needs steel to be produced. You can buy wonderfully designed eurowa steel baths from Kaldewei Eurowa Steel baths.

The contemporary structure is adapted very transparently with the new age fashion design with decent features in Kaldewei Cayono baths. The simple and straight pattern brings maximum satisfaction of relaxation owing to its serene design. For routine use, it is very blissful and its steep sides provide a lavish bath style and for comfort, a flat bottom is there too.

The recent era tends to throw out unnecessary stuff to gain more space and conveniences and this logic applies in bathroom interiors, too. In Kaldewei Puro bath, all materials used in production have their basic, sober and straightforward characteristics so no more space covering clutters are embodied. A sheer innovation by the conjunction of shower and bath is offered by Puro Inset bath. The fresh energy that flows during the bath comes out through the body from various activities like dancing and singing, shows the freshness and activeness, so to express these feelings with sovereignty the bathroom area needs to be spacious and stylish, which is possible with Kaldewei Puro Inset baths.

A nice warm bath is inevitable at the end of the day, so the broader the bath area, the more comfort will be attained. The baths have different exclusive patterns according to one’s preference. The Kaldewei Saniform bath is a nice illustration as it provides a waste near the foot area and it relieves the human body to fit peacefully and its configuration is highly versatile.

For a walk-in shower or wet room, Kaldewei shower trays are flawless and dashing. Enormous amounts of shapes, styles and sizes are posted on the internet but the shower tray with a magnificent ultra-thin design has the indefectible polish.

During the production, the material used in the Kaldewei Superplan shower tray is passed through many tests so the possibility of leakage or the probability to break into a couple or more pieces are the none to be happening thing as the product offers assurity.

Classy and courtly style can change the whole vibe of the bathroom. The majestic and marvellous style of Kaldewei steel enamel brings a refreshing feel to the bath area. And this shower tray you can buy from Kaldewei Steel shower tray.

Decorate your bathroom with Kaldewei baths and Kaldewei shower trays.

Kaldewei square shower tray will make you feel upgraded and satisfied for a super cool new age bathroom as the tray has crisp edges with four corners having a waste outlet in the middle part so the waste will gather in the centre. Such a modern product to have in the recent era !!

The serene and refined taste of the Kaldewei rectangular shower tray is the best choice of floor-level shower surface.

Modification can be done as per the requirement as there are diverse lengths and widths are accessible. And yes! Horizontal and vertical waste accessories are provided, too.

The frameless and walk-in showers are terrible when it comes to shutting the door through sliders, to overcome such a barrier quadrant shower came into the limelight and resolved the issue as it is particularly shaped to fit in a curved shaped corner and provides more area inside the bath. You can get it easily from the Kaldewei quadrant shower tray.

Shower bases are there to protect the gazebo surrounded by the shower area and it helps the water to flow in the direction of drainage. It is originally situated underneath the standing area. Buy your kind of shower bases from Kaldewei Shower bases.