Vitra is the highest manufacturing brand of products related to the bathroom. It provides a highly qualified bathroom that satisfies each customer’s wishes easily. Buy technically advanced Vitra baths at the cheapest rate which lasts longer than other baths. Vitra has a Monopoly to manufacture bathroom accessories globally. Vitra Optima bath is created using acrylic. The bath is drilled by the installer in order to feat the bath in accordance with your bath tap. Coming to Vitra bathtubs, you can get products of lustrous and polished designs that are available in a wide range. Our bathroom furniture is fully furnished and made up of good quality wood that suits your bathroom completely.

You can get your choice of bathroom furniture from Vitra Bathroom Furniture. An international award-winning designers team up together to form our Vitra bathroom cabinets, which are available in a huge range and widely accepted. Vitra vanity units will please you with their fully designed vanity units that are used to store things like toothbrushes, soaps, paper napkins, toiletries, etc. Vitra Nest furniture provides a huge range of bathroom cabinets as well as when it units from traditional to modern designs.

For toilets, you can choose Vitra toilets because of their elegant design and varieties which are designed by a Turkish designer. Vitra s50 offers mobility and easy to install features for toilets that are convenient for any contemporary or in use bathroom.

Vitra Designer M-Line portrays sleek designs for the baths and bathtubs. Long-lasting stylish Vitra Layton designs are so adorable and alluring. The most attractive product of Vitra Layton is Vitra close-coupled toilet. A Production of Vitra Milton adds indulgence to one’s bathroom and gives a plethora of ease of use. Our range of Vitra S-Line Milton first the best creations that are magnificent and eco-friendly to use.

Vitra Washbasins make your bathroom more innovative and fruitful by adding washbasins appropriate to the bathroom style and space. Wall hung washbasins are in full bloom and you have the best option to choose your type of wall-hung washbasins from Vitra Wall hung washbasins. Looking towards the pedestal sink leaves more space on the floor and is easy to clean and this is also offered by Vitra Pedestal Sink suitable for your bathroom and kitchen as well.

The latest range of Vitra Memoria, which is designed by international designer Christophe Pillet. He designed Vitra designer memoria basins simply yet more attractive and revolutionary. Minimalist basins are outlined by their actual kind that has been created attainable by the complete sanitary ware specialist Christophe Pillet. Agglomerating present-day design concepts with cutting-edge technology, the nest bathroom provides high-end aesthetic products to satiate the daily requirements of families. Catering to personal demands, Vitra Nest will be a worthy supplement to an ala mode residence.

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