Thermostatic Shower Exposed valves are the simplest type of valve to buy and install as there is no need to recess the shower working parts inside your wall. An exposed shower is when the valve of the shower is mounted on the tiles and is in view. Thermostatic shower valves contain an innovative ceramic valve that serves to regulate the temperature of the shower. We also stock the full range of concealed shower valves in one, two, or three outlets on our online shop. Explore a wide range of concealed shower valves here.

Contrary to Concealed Shower Valves, Exposed Shower valves are installed on the wall and its construction can’t be concealed. This gives a featured look to the bathroom. Tavistock Exposed Showers has functional designs of exposed thermostatic showers.

This is the cheapest shower as it is easy to install and fix, in comparison with concealed showers. Hansgrohe allows you to create your own designed and technically managed shower system by providing exposed thermostatic showers with a complete shower kit.

Exposed Thermostatic Showers are also fitted in 1-outlet shower valve, 2-outlet shower valve, and 3-outlet shower valve.