From modern to classic, Bisque and Zehnder offer a wide range of towel radiators featuring a wide range of styles and designs with top quality manufacturing standards. With award-winning designs, excellent practicality and superb efficiency there will almost certainly be the perfect towel rail for you here at Bathroom Shop UK.

Heated Towel Rails – Give Style and Functionality to Your Bathroom

If you want to renovate your bathroom or give a contemporary look to your bathroom, you need to look for both style and functionality while selecting heated towel rails. A heated towel rail is an ideal way to heat your bathroom and keep your towels warm. Your designer towel rail performs a dual-task with a modern look, including warm your towels and heating your bathroom. It is the best solution for making your bathroom a warm and comfortable place to refresh during winter days. Moreover, you can plumb it straight into the water system, similar to a small bathroom radiator. It starts warming up when you turn on your central heating system.

Towel Warmers are also a good option for bathrooms having small space like a downstairs toilet or en-suits. It is also the best replacement option for your existing radiator and thus, saves valuable space in your bathroom.

Preheat your bathroom towel by installing top-quality towel rails such as Bisque Designer Heated Towel Rails or Zehnder Heated Towel Rails, or Anthracite Towel Radiator, or a Freestanding Towel Warmer. You can use the heated rails to dry your wet clothes and become very useful especially, for monsoon or winter. Thus, it works as a multi-function system that solves the purpose of column radiators or Vertical Designer Radiators.

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