bath shower screen is a glass panel that acts as a barrier between your bath shower and the rest of the bathroom. It’s a more permanent fixture than a shower curtain and stops water from getting everywhere when you’re having a shower. Browse our range of Bath Screens here at Bathroom Shop UK. If you are desperate for a shower and don’t have enough room for a shower cubical, then a shower bath is the next best thing. We offer curved, bifold, sliding and square bath screens for all bath types. We stock only the highest quality screens so you no longer have a wet floor when someone is splashing!

With market leader brands such as Matki, Kudos, Sommers our range features top quality and long-lasting bath screens to aid your everyday life in the bathroom. Folding bath shower screens can be pushed and folded into a narrow shape when not in use. This looks neat and provides easier access to the tub.

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The glass panel stops flooding water from coming out from the shower area in the bathroom and this glass panel is known as bath screen. These works as curtain for shower area.

Bath screen is attached to the wall by using the hinge that allows the screens to be pushed and folded. You can get the best deals on Water baths as it has the wide range of bath screens in different sizes suitable for large as well as shortspaced bathrooms. You can have the best deals of bath screens on Sommers Bath Screens, too.

These bath screens are easy to clean and it makes bathroom more alluring and larger than before. We have the best designs of classic to traditional looks on Burlington bath screens that will suit your all types of shower baths including traditional shower baths and freestanding shower baths.

Furthermore, it requires very low maintenance and has longer durability. Kudos 8 mm bath screens are more durable and larger than average, available in all dimensions. You can also design your frame by having black bath screens rather than having old fashioned frameless bath screens.