Column radiators are a traditional style of radiator, made from hollow tubes of expertly manufactured steel. With an extensive range of sizes, colours and from different manufacturers there’s sure to be a column radiator solution for your bathroom. we have a selection of electric powered vintage style column radiators that feature durable heating elements to warm your room quickly and efficiently. You’ll find long guarantees and exceptional build quality across the range of all bathroom heating brands here, at Bathroom Shop UK. We stock the full range of heated towel rails and modern designer radiators as well. However, You can choose from modern and traditional style radiators here.

Select the Best Column Radiators for Your Bathroom  

Column Radiator is used to heat your home and bathroom. In the column radiator, the vertical tubes connect the bottom and the top of each section of the radiator. The different column radiators are 2 Column Radiators, Double Column Radiator, Tall Radiators, and three and four columns radiators. The depth of the radiator from the wall out into the bathroom determine by the number of columns.

There are also five and six columns of radiators available if you need high heat output. But you need to ensure the adequate space is there or not. Putting it in a broad area is a good option. Each section of the column radiator is joined together to make the radiator grow in length. There are 3 to 50 sections available. They are joined using welding or using a nipple and gasket system. Both methods are effective and used popularly.

You will have a great range to select the best column radiators that precisely suit your modern or traditional bathroom with a large or small space. The renowned brand such as Bisque Balmoral Column Radiators, Bisque Classic Column Radiator, Zehnder Column Radiator, and Zehnder Charleston Bar offers safe and quick warming solution with sturdy designs.

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