Our range of hinged shower doors will stop water splashing out into your bathroom. With modern and traditional designs our range of hinged shower doors with a classic look enhance your showering experience. We offer only market leader brands in the showering industry here at Bathroom Shop UK such as Matki and Kudos who make good quality hinged shower doors. Hinged shower doors are hinged on one side, meaning the entire door opens outwards into your bathroom. A hinged shower door can create a very modern and spacious feel to the bathroom. Our selection of hinged shower doors will surely impress you. Check out our collection of Bi-Fold shower doors & Slider Shower Doors too.

Hinged Shower Doors – The Most Suitable and Easy-to-Use for Any Style of Bathroom

Hinged shower doors are best suitable and easy to use for many types of showers and also available with framed and frameless options. These types of doors are hinged on one side in a way that your door opens in an outward direction into your bathroom. They provide enough space to enter and exit in your shower room. When you shop Hinged Shower Doors, make sure your bathroom has sufficient space in front of the door. It is important to ensure this as it may damage your door if you have toilets or a cabinet or basin outside in the area of opening the door.

Hence, these doors are best suitable for mostly all medium or large-sized bathrooms and less recommended for the smaller bathrooms. Moreover, you have a choice to select the size of door such as Frameless Hinged Shower Door 1000mm, 900mm, etc. You can also select a hinged shower door with the inline panel to create a look at the enclosure. If you are looking to Buy Hinged Shower Doors Online or Shop Hinged Shower doors or hinged door enclosure from any best Bathroom Shop in the UK, call us at 01924 267717 or write us at sales@bathroomshopuk.com to get the best offers for all types of shower doors and shower enclosures.