No access to gas in your home? Then these electric towel rails will keep your towels and bathroom warm anyway. Loved by everybody due to its timeless and versatile style. The radiators are operated by a wireless, digital remote controller (wall mountable) with easy-to-use programs. The controller communicates with a receiver discreetly mounted on the back and is colour matched to the radiator. We have market leader brands such as Zehnder and Bisque who have top quality and well-designed electric radiators.

We stock the full range of electric towel rails from top brands such as Bisque electric towel rails, vogue Electric towel rails, and Zehnder electric towel rails.

Electric Towel Rails – Best Heating Solution for Your Bathroom

For your bathroom, you need to do precise planning for selecting each bathroom product carefully. If you are looking for the most suitable towel rail for your bathroom, you can have a choice from a range of electric towel rails and designer heated towel rails. As you can operate simply with turn on/off, Electric Towel Rail is the most convenient type of towel rail.

It means that you don’t need to depend on your central heating system to use it. In summer, when you don’t need to on your central heating system, you can use an electric-only towel rail.

Moreover, you can also use the Dual Fuel Towel Rail that works using both electric power and central heating systems. Using this, you can use your towel rail using the electric power, while in winter; you can run your electric towel radiator using a central heating system. You can also select a black electric towel rail for giving a modern and stylish look to your bathroom.

You can choose Electric Towel Rails with Thermostats if you are conscious of energy usage and prefer an energy-efficient solution. It controls the towel rail heat at a constant level, towel rails that are controlled thermostatically provide the best control over your bathroom heating accurately.

Always ensure to take professional help to install any electric appliances for a bathroom. If you are looking to buy top quality electric towel dryer/rail such as Zehnder electric towel rails, Bisque electric towel rails, write us at or call us at 01924 267717 to get the best offer.