Manual shower valves and shower mixers have their water flow controlled fully by the user, who regulates the flow of hot and cold water through one or two handles. We stock the full range of manual showers in various styles such as single lever or double lever manual mixer showers. Explore a wide range of shower valves here at the bathroom shop UK. You can take a look at our one outlet or two outlet or three-outlet thermostatic shower valves too. Concealed and exposed shower option available. Shop Now!

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Before showering the desired temperature can be adjusted manually through the help of Manual Showers. It will not shut off automatically if there is a hot or cold water failure, it will need to be turned off manually. Hansgrohe manual showers have a variety of shapes and styles. The most popular shower is the Black manual showers as the color black manifests its richness uniquely.

Unlike thermostatic shower valves, Manual shower valves do not have thermostatic control and are adjustable by the users. The single lever is there to control the temperature and flow by simply tilting it. Vado life manual shower valve provides many stylish finishes and the best brands of business. Vado notion manual valve features a sleek high gloss finish with eye-catching cubic angles. Vado manual showers offer a magnificent range.

To replicate the timeless period style which has been popular for decades, beautifully crafted from the finest materials, Exposed showers will wonderfully enhance any traditional bathroom. Unlike a thermostatic shower, a Manual shower mixer cannot react to sudden changes in temperature. One can manually adjust the preferable temperature prior to the bath. In a digital shower, there is an intuitive LED indicator that informs the warm-up phase is complete, so you can step into bliss from the moment the water hits you.