The latest trend in bathroom design is freestanding baths. With a choice of classic and modern design baths; in a range of colours and styles, you will certainly find yourself a freestanding bath here that fits the style and design of your bathroom. Burlington and Waters Baths offer a range of stunning freestanding baths. If you’re wanting a contemporary design then Waters Bath and Clearwater offer unique designs and textured baths that will enhance your bathroom. All of these top market leader brands give top quality and long-lasting durable baths. We also stock a huge range of Single-ended baths, and Shower Baths at the best prices online. The freestanding bath is the centrepiece of many a beautiful, modern bathroom.


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Unlike the built in-bath tubs, a freestanding bath stands on the floor without any support. This bath is more suitable for large-spaced bathrooms.

Its all sides are finished using furniture or ceramics or acrylic that will make you feel nostalgic. A huge range of designed luxurious freestanding baths is offered by Victoria + Albert free-standing baths

This type of bath is available at a reasonable price on Kaldewei freestanding baths as it can be installed and moved easily when needed. You can have the best designs of baths when you choose freestanding baths.

You can include a shower in a freestanding bath which will give you the feel of a shower bath. You can get the best deals on water baths that have water loche bath and waters EBB freestanding baths that have the materialistic and classic as well as traditional-designed baths. You can explore more about other baths such as traditional baths, single-ended baths, double-ended baths, corner baths.