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Concealed showers typically consist of a 1, 2, or 3 outlet shower valve. Here in the built-in shower kits section, we have shown concealed shower kits from market-leading brassware brands such as Hansgrohe Showers. We also stock the full range of one outlet thermostatic shower valves, two outlet thermostatic shower valves, three-outlet thermostatic shower valves, and manual valves too. Buy now to get the best bathroom deals on the best bathroom brands!

Built-in showers are those which are installed internally in relation to the wall.  Concealed shower kits can be the embodiment of 1, 2, or multiple outlet shower that are located inside the wall so that unnecessary pipes will not remain as an obstacle for manifesting the beauty of the bathroom. By keeping the total number of exposed components to a minimum, the concealed arrangement of the Hansgrohe built-in shower kit is the perfect addition to the bathroom or en-suite with a streamlined appearance.

On the other hand, exposed showers are feasible to see for the user as they are attached or mounted on the outer surface of the wall rather than remaining inside of the wall. Utilising a classic geometric form, Vado exposed shower makes an ideal inclusion in the interior that embraces the strong, angular look of contemporary fashion.

In a thermostatic shower valve with the kit, valves allow you to pre-set the water temperature, ensuring that the water won’t become hotter or colder than your desired setting while still allowing each person to manually adjust the water temperature.

The complete shower kit has the shower taps, mixer tap or thermostatic; the jets, the hand shower and the showerhead. Vado concealed shower provides a variety of range that will make your bathroom look exclusive. Vado exposed shower valve is modern and attractive in design and will fit a minimalist, contemporary bathroom installation with real style.