Digital showers could be a very special feature in your bathroom as they offer something unique and modern compared to the usual rigid riser sets. They allow you to set the temperature and speed of your shower without entering and getting undressed. This will save you from sticking your hand in the shower to turn it on and getting wet in the process. Some may say this is a gimmick? But we believe this is great engineering and an excellent design to enhance your showering experience. With the new Sensori range from Vado, these digital showers will make your everyday life a lot easier. We also stock the full range of concealed showers, one, two, or three outlet shower valves, manual showers, and many more to enhance your showering experience. We have the best bathroom deals on the best bathroom brands for you!

Explore our Digital Showers Range

Digital Showers are the latest innovation for the bathroom which offers a sleek design and precise temperature control. In Exposed Shower, the valve of the shower is mounted on the tile which is feasible for the user to see. But in the Concealed Shower, the valve and any pipework are situated beneath the tile so it cannot be seen by the user. Vado Digital Shower provides exposed as well as concealed showers in various styles and shapes. Vado Sensori introduces advanced technology to alter bathroom acquaintance as it is simple and sophisticated.

Aqualisa Digital Showers are very convenient as they can be controlled through a smartphone app from anywhere inside or outside the house. Aqualisa system Showers can be operated through voice, using simple commands by telling the shower to turn on from anywhere in the house. It has the technology to enhance the environment of a smart home as the showers are connected and controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant smart devices. Aqualisa Quartz Showers have a unique proximity sensor that reduces water flow when you step away from the motion-controlled shower as well as it has the technology to alert us about the temperature of water through LED light.