Different Types of Bathroom Taps – To give your bathroom a new look and style

Different Types of Bathroom Taps – To give your bathroom a new look and style

When it comes to talking about a new bathroom in your home, it becomes a challenging task to find the best bathroom tap that perfectly meets your need for its best style, material and technology. Nowadays, with lots of styles, brand and technology, it becomes tough to select the best bathroom brands tap that gives an ideal look to your bathroom with the best performance. You should visit a reliable bathroom shop in the UK or find online to know about the complete buying guide for bathroom taps.

Even if you want to give a new look to your bathroom, an attractive and best quality taps are the cost-efficient way to enhance your bathroom look. From basin taps to bath taps, basin mixer taps to freestanding bath taps, you will have a broad choice to get bathroom deals within your budget limit. Moreover, you should also consider the performance of bathroom taps as it depends on the water pressure system of your home and its compatibility with your tap. For instance, bath taps and basin taps work best with the water system having higher pressure. Thus, several factors impact while choosing the right type and style of tap to give your bathroom an ideal look with unmatched performance and low maintenance.

Basin Mixer Taps

With the increasing needs of hot and cold water from a single tap, the need for Basin Mixer Taps also increases rapidly. Nowadays, in most of the bathrooms in the London, Basin Mixer Taps becomes a standard fitting. It perfectly works to mix the hot and cold water flows from a single spout. You will have a great choice to select a perfect one for your bathroom.

Basin Mixer Tap

Basin taps

Basin taps are most essential due to its daily requirement and hence, you need to make a careful selection of its best design and style based on your vintage or modern bathroom. There are different types of basin taps such as cross-head taps that give an elegant and timeless look while waterfall taps give a touch of attractive designer style. For a small bathroom, you can use small basin taps while for the countertop basin, you can choose wall-mounted taps along with tall basin mixers. For traditional Yorkshire bathrooms, you can use Basin Pillar Taps, in which there are two basin pairs of taps, one for cold water and one for hot water. Different types of Basin taps are available such as basin mixer taps, pillar taps, wall mounted basin taps, Vado Basin Taps and several more.

Basin taps Pair

Freestanding Taps

If you have a freestanding bath in your bathroom, freestanding taps are a perfect choice. You can choose two tap options if you are looking for a freestanding bath with the modern freestanding bath shower mixer and one for the traditional bath shower mixer. Countertop Tap is one more type of freestanding tap.

Freestanding taps work similarly as other taps, the only difference is that they are not attached to any wall or item for supplying water and instead of it; these taps are screwed into a countertop or into the floor. You should ensure the perfect water pressure while fitting this tap.

freestanding bath taps

Bidet Taps

With baths and basins, you can find different styles of bidet taps. It can easily fit after ensuring the water is turned off. With its compact design, bidet taps can suit perfectly for both modern and traditional bathroom space.

Bidet mixer taps

Bath Taps

It comes with the two tap hole bath mixer and very similar to monobloc basin mixer. It mixes cold and hot water together and there is one lever to control to get the perfect water temperature when you start filling your bath. You can coordinate your Vado bath taps and Vado basin taps to give your bathroom a nice look. You can also include your bath mixer with a shower kit. With this handy add on you can have a showerhead in your bath.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Bath shower mixer taps can be useful as a shower as well as a bath filler. You can also use it in a bathroom in which a separate shower enclosure is fitted. You can use it just by an additional over bath shower attached with a showerhead. You can also choose a wall-mounted bath shower mixer tap or other different styles that can easily search to buy bathroom taps cheaper online.

Bath Spouts

You can add elegant looks by adding stylish bath spouts to your bathroom. Bath spouts can fit away from the main water spout and it is nothing but bath fillers having the water control valve. Normally, fitted into the wall, the spouts are floor or deck or wall-mounted.

There are broad ranges of bathroom taps available with different sizes and styles of quality brands such as Hansgrohe bathroom taps, Vado bathroom taps, etc. If you are looking for perfect taps for your bathroom, write to us at email sales@bathroomshopuk.com or visit our best bathroom showroom in the UK. We will give you complete guidelines for buying the best bathroom taps to give a new look to your bathroom.

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