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How To Choose The Best Bathroom Radiator

You need your traditional or luxury bathrooms warm using the bathroom radiator during the winter season. For your bathrooms in London, you should make the precise selection of Heated Towel Rails or bathroom radiators. There are several reputed brands such as Vogue Towel Rails, Zehnder Towel Rail, Bisque Classic Radiators, and many others to choose the right type, size, and style of radiators for your Bathrooms in Yorkshire.

Several factors need to consider in addition to its looks & style before you Buy Radiators Online.

Select the Most Suitable types of Bathroom Radiator

First of all, you have to select the type of radiator to buy for your bathrooms in Midlands. You have the selection to buy from three types of bathroom radiators such as standard, electric and dual.

  • In the standard type of radiator, you need to plumb it into your existing central heating system with a separate couple of radiator valves. It works similarly to other radiators in your home. But, you cannot use it during summer or spring when there is limited use of a central heating system.
  • If you have a small bathroom space or a cloakroom, you can choose electric radiation such as Zehnder Electric Radiators.
  • The dual-type radiator works using both central heating and electric output. If you need to use your bathroom radiator round the year, this is the best option. During winter, you can use it with your central heating system, and for the remaining seasons, you can use the electric output.

Check the Accurate Radiator Size

You need to select the perfect size that works best with your bathroom size. For your large bathroom, a small radiator will not give you satisfactory results to keep your bath area warm. Similarly, an extra-large size radiator looks odd in your small bathroom. It also costs you more. Thus, you should select the radiator in proportion to your overall bathroom size.  You can calculate the size by an online calculator to know how much heat you require from your bathroom. Heat output is measure in BTU (British Thermal Unit). The amount of energy requires to heat water of one pound by one degree Fahrenheit at sea level is calculated as one BTU. Higher the value of BTU means your bathroom radiator has higher heat output.

To maintain your bathroom temperature at a comfortable level, you require to consider many factors such as windows type, size of the room, placement of the radiator, and others that affect the heat output. 


Placement of the Bathroom Radiator

With the size and type of your bathroom radiator, you need to know about the best location to place the bathroom radiators.

You have to take pipe centre measurements & the distance between the existing inlets and compare them to your new brand bathroom radiator for replacing the existing radiator with new ones.

It makes your work easy and perfect. If you change the location, you need to extend your existing pipework that involves extra time and cost.

Choose the Best Radiator for Your Bathroom in London

There are different brands and styles of bathroom radiators to choose from for your small or large bathroom. Based on your contemporary or classic bathroom & space availability, you can select your favourite radiator design style and brand.

  • Heated Towel Rails – Vogue Towel Rails, Vogue Ballerina Towel Rail, Vogue Focus Towel Rail, Bisque Towel Rails, Vogue Heated Towel Rails, Zehnder Towel Rail
  • Column Radiators– Zehnder Column Radiators
  • Designer Radiators – Bisque Flow Form Radiator, Zehnder Ax Spa, Bisque Chime, Zehnder Quaro Spa, Zehnder Ribbon Radiator, Bisque Deline
  • Horizontal Radiators – Zehnder Charleston Radiator, Bisque Chime Towel Radiator
  • Vertical Radiators – Bisque Classic Radiators, Zehnder Electric Radiators

Heated Towel Rail – Give a stylish look to your Small Bathroom

Heated Towel Rails is a suitable option for a standard heater. It keeps your bathroom warm with ample heat. It helps in keeping your clothes & towels dry & warm and gives your bathroom a stylish look. It is the best option for modern bathrooms. It is a space-saving solution for your small bathroom, but an additional source of heat needs in a large bathroom to maintain a comfortable temperature in your bathroom.

If you are looking for a reliable bathroom shop in the UK to choose the branded radiator or Buy Bathroom Online London or Buy Radiators Online, write us at to get the best deal for your luxury bathroom in the UK.

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