You are currently viewing Freestanding Baths From Waters Baths – The Best brand with Unmatched Quality and Designs

Freestanding Baths From Waters Baths – The Best brand with Unmatched Quality and Designs

Luxury Freestanding Baths create clear attraction and give an ultimate touch of contemporary style. It offers complete relaxation and a pleasing bathing experience. It is available in an array of sizes and shapes and hence, selecting the best bathtub model that suits your bathroom layout and accomplishes your tastes and requirement is also very important when you Buy Freestanding Baths online.

The popularity of Waters Freestanding baths is increasing as they offer new designs and styles from a large-sized to compact options. A single-ended freestanding bath comprises one straight edge that enables the bathtub can be placed flush beside a wall. For small bathrooms, these types of baths are more suitable as it offers a look of freestanding without any need for floor space around it. In a double-ended freestanding bath, it comprises a central waste and the taps are in the center position.


For a completely soothing experience, freestanding bathtubs are the best choice. Sleeping into a bathtub filling with bubbles to spend hours and get relax, you will feel a luxurious bathing experience.

You can select the best quality and long-lasting freestanding bathtubs from Water Baths. It offers premium collections of the most modern freestanding baths that include i-Line, Linear, and Elements. It’s indeed a lifetime investment for your bathroom. It will create a wonderful centerpiece for any type of bathroom or en-suite.

You will get the most attractive designs and styles of bath tubs from Waters baths as follow

  • Waters Ebb Baths
  • Waters Dawn Bath
  • Waters Breeze Bath
  • Waters I-Line Baths
  • Waters Cove Baths

Waters Ebb baths – It offers unmatched bath designs with the benefit of saving space for a shower bath and an open-ended free-stander comfort. It is available in left and right-handed options. This is a single-ended hybrid shower bath that offers a lifelong guarantee. Even if you have limited space in your bathroom, this type of shower bath gives you a completely relaxing showering and bathing experience.

Waters Dawn Bath – This is a rectangular-shaped bath having smoothly curved lines that create a comfortable natural shape. This double-ended type freestanding bath offers a wonderful experience of bathing. It is available in gloss and matt finishes and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Waters Breeze Bath – It is the perfect bath for your bathroom if you are looking for absolute comfort and space to float away in. This breeze bath gives your bathroom a completely modern touch with its stunning and stylish look. It is a double-ended freestanding bath available in gloss and matt. You can buy it to get the best quality bathtub for your bathroom in the UK with a lifetime guarantee.

Waters I-Line Baths – Manufactured using the quality materials and latest techniques, i-Line baths of waters offer a superior collection of slim-line design baths that includes Stream, Spa, Brook2, Drift, and Edge. These narrowly edged baths offer a luxurious bathing experience and give an elegant look and style for a long time.

Waters Cove Baths – These back-to-wall Cove baths comprise beautiful curves and are ideal for splashing around them. It is a double-ended bath available with circular chrome waste release overflow. Waters cove baths offer a lifetime guarantee.

All About Freestanding Bathtubs of Waters Baths

Freestanding baths are the popular choice of people who want to make a statement or give their bathroom a vintage look.

  • There are superior models and designs available for freestanding baths and it is flexible to placed anywhere in the bathroom with the availability of plumbing. It is the most suitable for your classic or contemporary bathroom in the UK.
  • If you are looking for deep and long bathtub options, you will have a great choice to select the best design from the range of Waters Freestanding baths in the UK.
  • Before you select any Luxury Freestanding Bath from any bathroom shop in the UK, you need to ensure that your bathroom floor is strong enough to sustain the bathtub weight.
  • Ensure the calculated weight is including the weight of the bathtub filled with water and the person sitting inside. Hence, it becomes a very important thing to consider before you select any model of Clearwater Baths.
  • Moreover, you need to carefully select the essential accessories with it such as bath waste for draining the used water and overflow fillers for controlling the water level.
  • For long-lasting bathroom solution, it is also vital to select the best quality bath filler taps and bath shower mixer taps which are durable, rust-free and leakage-free.  

If you are looking for the best quality and attractive bathtubs to give your bathroom luxury touch, Waters Baths offer an excellent collection of freestanding baths most suitable for all types of bathroom. Write us at to get the best offers for Waters Freestanding Baths in the UK.

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