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A Perfect Buying Guide for Selecting the Best Shower Enclosure

Looking for the best design and style of a shower enclosure for your bathroom? Different types of shower enclosures are available to select the most suitable types & styles for your bathroom. The need for a shower enclosure in your bathroom is to keep your bathroom area clean & dry while you take showering.

A shower enclosure is a separate area in your bathroom and is enclosed with one or more glass panels and doors to protect the rest of your bathroom from splashes.

Types of Shower Enclosures

Different types of shower enclosures are Quadrant Shower Enclosure, Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure, Walk-In Shower Enclosures, Corner Entry Shower Enclosures, and Square or Rectangle Shower Enclosure. Shower Enclosure is also known as Shower Cubicles.

Things to Consider for Planning a Budget

You need to ensure your budget to buy the best shower enclosure brand like Matki Enclosures or Kudos Offset Quadrant Cubicle from any reliable Bathroom Shop in the UK.

  • Some factors affect your budgets, such as the type of enclosure, glass thickness, size, brand, & style of shower enclosure and accessories.
  • You can choose the thickness of glass from 4mm to 10 mm. The price of glass depends on the thickness of glass. Thicker glass will cost you more but gives a long-lasting solution. The recommended glass thickness is 8 mm if you are looking for a durable enclosure.

Which Type of Shower Enclosure is the Most Suitable for My Bathroom?

The main factor to consider before buying Shower Enclosures or Shower Cubicles is the available size in your bathroom.

  • You need to take accurate measurements & choose the position to fix the shower enclosure.
  • For your spacious bathroom, you can choose wetrooms or walk-in shower enclosures.  Select a small-sized shower enclosure for your small bathroom.
  • The other factor for selecting the shower enclosure is the shape of your bathroom. You have quadrant, square, and rectangle shapes to pick based on your bathroom layout.
  • For your irregular-shaped bathroom, you can select an enclosure with three sides. You can get a rectangular or a square shower enclosure for your large-sized bathroom.
  • Quadrant Shower Enclosure or corner shower enclosure can easily fit into any corner of your bathroom and is the most suitable for a small bathroom, cloakroom, or en-suite.
  • For a space-saving solution, you can buy bi-fold shower enclosures having a folding shower door. It opens and closes inside the shower enclosure, and therefore, it need not require outside space to open the door.
  • For your luxurious bathroom, you can select a walk-in shower enclosure that offers extra space to enjoy a pleasant showering experience.
  • If you want a spacious shower area, but you have a corner place to fit your shower enclosure, then you can choose an offset quadrant shower enclosure. It is the same as a quadrant shower enclosure but has one longer wall than the other. It is also a good choice for a spacious bathroom that gives you a luxurious showering experience.
  • Matki shower enclosure offers a long-lasting showering solution and style to your bathroom.  Clear safety glass and contemporary styling will give your bathroom an elegant touch.

Selecting the best Shower Tray

Take the perfect measurement for fixing the shower tray in your shower enclosure.

  • It is advisable to buy the shower tray, shower enclosure, and shower door together to get the perfect fitting of your shower unit. Else you need to know the accurate dimensions of your shower cubicles.
  • A shower tray is necessary to prevent water leakage. It controls the water flow direction with the tray slope to move it straight into the drain. You can choose your shower tray that perfectly fits the type of your shower enclosure.
  • Different types of shower trays are Quadrant Shower Trays, Offset Quadrant Shower Trays, Rectangular Shower Trays, Square Shower Trays, etc.

Select the Shower Door for Your Enclosure

If you select shower enclosures other than a walk-in shower, you require a door for your shower enclosure to prevent water from splashing into the bathroom.

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